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Organizer Coach Testimonials"Denslow Brown and her unique approach to organizing helped this neophyte entrepreneur get into her business and take it more seriously. Filing a la Brown means having what you need under you fingertips, knowing how to get control of the paper in your life and tackling the daily life of business in a more enjoyable frame of mind. Can only one session change your life? Well, it did for me."

Paula Webster,
Writer and Publicist

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Your simple solutions to what I had viewed as complicated problems helped me realize that my aiming for PERFECTION was blocking me from finding a functional daily relationship with the paper I kept. You freed me to throw away lots of paper I thought I liked but didn't need - and felt better without! Your delicate brand of therapy worked to change my attitude toward paper."

Kay Leuba,

Organizer Coach Testimonials"My computer files are organized a zillion times better than they would have been if we hadn't worked together."

Constance Blake, Ph.D.,

Organizer Coach Testimonials"I remember every method Denslow showed me for organizing my papers. Great for personal improvement - tactful, considerate, helpful and non-judgmental."

Eve Sayles,
Artist and Art Instructor

Organizer Coach Testimonials"She cares that I am frustrated - always 'gets' what the problem is, and has numerous creative solutions. My fears, plaints, secret hopes for rescue, and hoardings do not impress her. She has heard it all before. Her calm, low-key manner is a pleasure, but I have learned that she can be tough in her insistence that I can do it. Now I believe her."

Linda Marks,
Anthropologist and Director,
The Crystal Quilt

Organizer Coach Testimonials"I have used Denslow's services personally and found her most helpful. She got me over a writer's block in a book revision (now published). Most importantly, I have referred others to Denslow and all have found her extraordinarily helpful. Plenty of common sense, great personality, and WOW! Can she organize!"

Myrna Butler, Ph.D.,
Psychotherapist and Author

Organizer Coach Testimonials"You're terrific. You made big difference in my life both personally and professionally. You moved me from the Stone Age into the 21st Century. Your feminist, sensitive, thoughtful, political, respectful approach to your work empowers your client."

Linda Bronfman,
Activist and Philanthropist

Organizer Coach Testimonials"You have been my organizer, paper therapist, friend and support through a very hard time in my life. My parents died two years ago and their papers and mine are now in order."

Antonia Martin,
Foundation for African-American Women

Organizer Coach Testimonials"People compliment me on my organization. My closet is an example of excellence."

Lynn Lazin-Wolinsky,
Mother of toddler

Organizer Coach Testimonials"I'm in my office for the second time today (after avoiding it as you know) and I feel much braver and happier in it. Thank you so, so much. The help you gave me feels like a very new start."

Harriet Crofts,
Faculty Member,
Missouri State University


Organizers & Coaches

Organizer Coach Testimonials"I've always felt confident over the years referring callers to you because all reports I'd had of your work were so good."

Stephanie Winston,
best-selling author of
Getting Organized, The Organizing Principle, The Organized Executive

Organizer Coach Testimonials"I feel like I've really gotten a lot from our coaching sessions. Many, many thanks."

Novice organizer and NAPO member

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Your coaching support is making a huge difference in my life and practice."

A New Coach

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Thanks very much for your help with the workshop. It went very well. Your suggestions made a big difference."

Dotti Clune,
Communications Consultant and New Organizer


Businesses and Non-Profits

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Denslow is a good listener who seeks to fully understand 'your' organizational issues and then responds with directness and clarity. Amazing!"

Keith Russell,
New York Theological Seminary

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Denslow is truly professional about her business. Above all she makes you feel very easy about any organizational problems - and is very helpful in easing the fear and quilt of having put important things off."

Karen Schreiber,
Advertising Sales Manager,
National Sports Magazine

Organizer Coach Testimonials"You brought my paperwork off the back office floor and made it possible to use my files."

Christine Hardijenko,
Owner of Ibiza, fashion boutique, NYC

Organizer Coach Testimonials"The entire staff was enthusiastic. We communicate better, understand our work better, and are more productive. It took an outsider to show us the way."

Engineering Firm,
KC, Missouri

Organizer Coach Testimonials"You have been a tremendous important influence for good in my life. Thank you for everything!!!"

Hannah Hoch,
Saloon Owner,
Lincoln Nebraska

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Thank you! Thank you! Just what we needed. You are a life saver!"

Retail Business, NYC

Organizer Coach Testimonials"The Center is expanding. We're up (from one) to 11 staff now. You developed a generic filing system that held up!"

Joan Gundersen,
Executive Director,
Resource Center for Accessible Living,
Kingston, NY


Presentations and Seminars

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Everyone was fascinated, as you could tell, and many people told me that you inspired them to get organized. Again, our thanks."

American Society for Journalists and Authors Awards Dinner

Organizer Coach Testimonials"My attitude toward 'present' paper and the paper of my past has changed. It will work for me from now on - I will not be a slave to it. Great course!"

Seminar Participant

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Exercises helped turn vague problems into more concrete action. The one on resources really helped me look realistically at a problem and come up with an organized approach, taking into account the emotional stumbling blocks."

Seminar Participant

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Very useful to learn how to make a system work for ME and MY idiosyncrasies."

Seminar Participant

Organizer Coach Testimonials"Definitely worthwhile. I loved the fantasy exercise. [It helped me make an] enormous shift toward great order: giving myself order, letting go of chaos."

Seminar Participant

Organizer Coach Testimonials"You were very, very insightful about the layers and aspects of paper mania. The teaching was well thought out and did not rely on shared politics to make the sessions work. Yet it was intriguing to me to see feminism's ideas so creatively applied and so relevant."

Seminar Participant


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