“Eight months ago I made the commitment to clean up my whole life. It’s been an amazing process – so much comes up:  feelings, decisions, complications, and apathy. I’ve worked hard and grown incredibly. I could never have done it alone – two organizing sessions and on-going coaching made it all possible.  It feels so good to have this order and my office and home look terrific. I can’t believe the changes I have made!”

Catherine Seo
President & Founder
Strategic Technology, People and Process Management

“(Denslow) has an intuitive sense of just how far to go and never lets me slide or overwhelms me. Her listening could serve as a model for the skill. She is absolutely brilliant at pulling a solution FROM me rather than suggesting it TO me, never hesitates to suggest a solution when I hit a brick wall, and has never led me to think I ‘should’ have figured it out myself. She’s relentlessly positive, yet has never made me feel ‘defective’ or patronized when I’ve been in a slump. I can be any way I AM with her and leave feeling ready for action.”

Madelyn Griffith Haynie, CTP, ACT, MCC
Founder and CEO of the Optimal Functioning Institute





Coaching provides supportive, practical, concrete help. Our conversations offer an environment for:

  • Motivation and clarity
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • New skills
  • Planning
  • Productivity and accountability
  • Results

Working with a coach is often compared to working with a fitness trainer, mentor, tutor, or sports coach.  Coaching is not psychotherapy.

Convenient and Flexible Support

Coaching can be conducted in person or by telephone, e-mail, regular mail or fax. It's quite often conducted over the phone because doing so is efficient, convenient, inexpensive, focusing, practical and private.

My coaching structure includes three sessions per month when working with clients with ADD, with entrenched organizing issues or even when mentor coaching (e.g., with an organizer or coach) if there is lots of immediate work to be done. Three sessions a month provide adequate consistency to keep the momentum and learning moving forward at a solid pace. In addition, making three sessions is pretty easily achieved in a month; the week off provides convenient flexibility.

In mentor coaching it is not uncommon to "meet" with clients just once or twice a month. This less-frequent structure is also the pattern that is followed as a three-times-a-month client begins achieving consistent success in their coaching goals. At the end of a coaching relationship, my clients move to an on-call structure.

The Client-Coach Partnership

People understand, grow and learn more if they actively participate in the coaching process. The medium of coaching (phone, email, etc.) the frequency, the goals, the topics addressed, the structure of the calls, whether to use each or any of the instruments Denslow offers to assess a client's functioning - all this is decided in partnership with the client.

In the beginning of our work together, we may choose a structure based on my experience, but this is always open to discussion. There is not one right way to do it. However, there is a great way to do it for each client - and that way varies, even over the lifetime of each coaching relationship.

How it Works

When coaching, I start by listening for (and helping to identify, if necessary) clear and motivating goals for each client. Each coaching session includes the elements of listening, review, revelation and strategy. In subsequent sessions we discuss the experience of working the strategy. What strength was revealed? What internal or external obstacle encountered? During this process, you become aware of your functioning and abilities in a way that was previously hidden from you. As we work together, you find your growing edge of change and progress and build on your strengths, values and enthusiasms.

Many Possibilities

Because I have spent a quarter of a century organizing people and helping them build strong skills and systems, I often work with clients on time and project management, work and paper flow, efficiency, teamwork and delegation strategies, etc. 

We can also focus on career goals, skill building, finances, healthy lifestyle choices, optimal functioning, education, community work, achieving balance, joy, a simpler life, finding your path or purpose, and creating a life that fits.

Targeted Coaching Programs

Life Blueprint® Life Purpose Coaching

Life Blueprint Life Purpose CoachingThis 12-session coaching program is based on Laura Berman Fortgang’s book, Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction.  A trained “authorized facilitator” of this coaching process, I take individuals through the coaching integration of the information gleaned from the exercises outlined in each chapter of the book. The process is a well-researched and proven one, which directs a person through the confusion of their history, interests, and passions to a lucid life purpose.  Final steps include the development of a clear life strategy and solid steps on one’s career path (research interviews, resume creation, business plan and implementation).  The program’s motto is “It’s not what you do; it’s Who you get to be.” It is supported by the original text, a workbook or audio CD. 

ADD Coaching

Since the mid-1990’s, I have focused my work on Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder through a professional commitment to ADD education and extensive coach training. This dual approach – ADD education and coaching skills — results in a straightforward partnership of exploration and learning. My clients and I work together to understand their challenges and to identify, strategize with and grow their competence.

Clients need to be willing to engage in this active process of exploration.  Specifically, the work involves holding the big picture and all its details, finding strengths and motivations, co-designing systems and strategies, focusing on goals and accomplishments, staying on track while learning from experience, and listening for insights and change. Through this process people with ADD are able shine a light on an accepting, clear and joyful path for themselves — and to provide themselves and their families, communities and society with the contributions only they can create.


$150 per 50 minute session

My practice includes a limited number of sliding scale slots for those who need financial accommodation.


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