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In four decades of training and teaching in the Organizing, Coaching and ADHD fields, Denslow has developed great insight and powerful models. Used in her training programs, they are available to the public.

Recognizing & Respecting the Lines: Distinguishing Coaching, Organizing and Psychotherapy

While written for professionals, the Recognizing and Respecting the Lines publication would be useful to consumers who wish to be fully informed about the intersection and distinct services offered by life-management support professionals. It’s value to professionals is in clarifying professional boundaries and ethics – and facilitating collaboration.

Recognizing & Respecting THE LINES: Distinguishing Coaching, Organizing and Psychotherapy, by Denslow Brown, MCC.  Hickory Guild Press, 2012 with updated author bio. Downloadable PDF document, 22 pages.  (US $8)

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The Processing Modalities Guide

The Processing Modalities Guide is a professional’s manual to a valuable and straight-forward strengths-based approach to organizing and coaching. It provides language to describe an individual’s strengths and sensitivities in nine modalities (approaches to functioning or processing information and one’s environment).  The text and formatting make it easy for the lay-person to use.

Processing Modalities Guide: Identify and Use Specific Strengths for Better Functioning ... for Organizers, Coaches – and Those Who Want to Live with More Ease and Effectiveness – and Less Frustration, 2013, 2nd Edition revised. Denslow Brown. Spiral-bound, approximately 100 pages (US $30 includes shipping and handling in the 48 states).  PDF download (US $20 outside the 48 states and on request).

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