“The new forms you designed to streamline our information flow have worked very well.  Communications have continued to improve since you pointed the way.  We thought up many improvements ourselves after you showed us where the gaps were.  Our once-disastrous files are now all in order and accessible to all.”

Marie Steinwachs, Director
Household Hazardous Waste Project
University of Missouri

“Denslow immediately made me feel there was a solution to my organizational problem.  Her gentle, loving approach has helped me to be more gentle and loving with myself in this area which is really the key to making progress.  Her energy is catching.  I can tell she really likes organizing and I think I could even like it, too.”

Mary Powers
Journalist for Reuters




Disorganization is distracting and creates negative stress, misunderstandings, mistakes and mental exhaustion. In any setting, organization saves time, simplifies the use of information and things, and enhances communication. It also allows you to work more quickly and intelligently and to complete every task.

Organizing projects come in all sizes. However, once you understand your goals there are only 3 steps:

  1. Sorting and eliminating
  2. Setting up effective systems that suit the space, the related tasks and the individual(s) using them
  3. Providing for the maintenance of the systems including learning new skills, if necessary

Not sure how to proceed?

Assessment and Strategy

A 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hour Assessment and Strategy Session will provide clarity and a written step-by-step strategy for getting organized. We begin with an interview and an examination of the area of concern, then continue with an evaluation of various organizing options and product recommendations. I can provide a sketch of the future layout as part of this package and would also be pleased to advise you on how to work with an assistant or temporary help in order to achieve your organizing goals.

Assessment Fees

  • Individuals, non-profits, small businesses — $400 plus expenses
  • Corporations — $1,000 plus expenses

The Organizing Campaign

I'll sort through the clutter, create simple systems designed to your style and specifications, and replace the chaos with pleasing working order.

  • Have a deadline?
  • Expecting company?
  • Held back or frustrated by your desk, filing system or office?
  • At the end of your rope with household storage areas, home office, or the so-called guest room?

This streamlining will radically improve your reality, make your life run much more smoothly, and provide great satisfaction.

On Site Organizing Fees

  • Individuals, non-profits, small businesses — $150 per hour plus expenses
  • Corporations — $300 per hour plus expenses

If the job specifications allow, a professional organizer on THE ORGANIZER & COACH staff will be assigned to the client at $30-75 per hour, under my supervision. I work on site throughout the US.

Follow-up Coaching

You can benefit from follow-up coaching after both of the Assessment and Strategy and The Organizing Campaign sessions. One post-organizing coaching session is offered free of charge. Coaching supports the implementation of the Assessment and Strategy Session and the on-going maintenance necessary to secure the changes instituted in The Organizing Campaign. (See Coaching for more details.)



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