Bio — Personal Background

Born and raised in the foothills of Los Angeles, Denslow became intrigued with organizing issues when she was a teenager. Feeling aimless, it dawned on her that to have the life she wanted, she had to coordinate and plan. Denslow began to look for information on how to get organized and manage time, took classes in speed-reading and how to study. She watched for examples of good organization and situations, especially in her own life, which suffered from a lack of organization.


Educated at Mt. Vernon College in Washington, D.C. (AA, Statistics, Government, 1969) and the University of California at Los Angeles (BS, Political Science, 1971), she searched, but hadn't found a passion or clear career goal in college. She worked in the legal, investment and mental health fields and gained experience in both the non-profit and corporate sectors. Each job interested her in the beginning, but there were no consistent bells or firecrackers.

Finding Organizing

Once she noticed the organizing enthusiasm she brought to each job she was able to identify what really excited her: shifting frustrating and disorganized lives, offices and homes into pleasing and productive ones. She started her own business as a professional organizer in 1974. Continuing to thrive in diverse settings, she enjoys a wide variety of clients and client settings; she helps people resolve organizational nightmares and put their lives in order so that they can realize their goals and dreams.

Denslow spent the second 20 years of her life in North Carolina, Connecticut and New York, including six wonderful years in Manhattan.

At Home

Denslow Brown and her partner LindaIn 1989 Denslow and her partner, Linda, moved to Hawk Hill Community Land Trust, a women's community on 300 acres of environmentally protected homesteading land in the very rural Missouri Ozarks. She designed and helped build their home and enjoys gardening, reading, community activism, carpentry, kayaking and cooking. Every spring, in a major act of organization, she cooks and serves either eggs benedict or huevos rancheros to over 20 friends. She travels often, visiting friends, family and clients throughout the country.

Denslow Brown's Homestead in the snowAnother Ozark Labyrinth, by Angela Jeez

© Angela Jiminez

Community Involvement

  • Treasurer, Hawk Hill Community Land Trust
  • Coordinator, One World: Workshops and Media, Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
  • Founder, Ozarks Permaculture Group
  • Member
    • PROMO
    • Kappa Kappa Gamma
    • Ozarks Regional Land Trust
    • Yellow House Community Arts Center
    • ACLU
    • Astraea Foundation


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