When Traditional Organizing Efforts Don't Work

If traditional organizing and time management advice and tools haven't worked for you, try non-traditional solutions. Customized strategies or systems are designed to take advantage of your individual strengths and style — and to sidestep any weaknesses or particular challenges. Check out non-conventional organizing tips.


“Denslow Brown has a deep understanding of the ways we create disorder in our lives and a brilliant talent for helping us get ourselves out of the mess.”

Berenice Fisher, Ph.D.
Professor, New York



Named "The High Priestess of Organizing" in her appearance on Good Morning America, Denslow Brown has been helping individuals achieve organizational transformation since 1974.

Denslow helps people change their lives. Whether coaching by telephone and/or organizing in an office or home, her work deepens a person's understanding of his or her own thinking and brain functioning while improving productivity and effectiveness. She works nationally and internationally.
Denslow is the only person in the organizing and coaching professions with the highest credentials in both fields, attesting to her decades of experience, training, leadership, and pioneering efforts in these areas. She has also developed a specialty working with individuals with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder, also known as AD/HD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). In addition to working with those who want organizing and life-design support, she mentors and trains many organizing and coaching professionals. 

Compassion and Wisdom

Denslow supports people in developing personal effectiveness in all areas of their lives. With clients, she is specifically focused on how to clarify and meet immediate and long term aspirations and responsibilities. She has designed systems and solutions with hundreds of people who struggle with these issues. Working with a wide spectrum of clients, she is able to help those who have had little or no success with traditional organizing techniques.

Revealing, exploring and understanding how each mind works best is the underlying and most intriguing focus of her work. Because we are so close to our own thoughts and behaviors we often have trouble "seeing" them. Self-examination and life-design work is heightened with this advocate who supports her clients to live the lives they choose. Denslow assesses functioning styles, energy patterns, and areas of competence, enthusiasm, challenges, sabotage and empowerment. She asks the questions that get to the heart of the matter. She's known for her compassion, insights, and expertise.


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